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package firehoseclient

import ""


Package Files

firehoseclient.go v2adapter.go

type FirehoseConfig Uses

type FirehoseConfig struct {
    RLPAddr                string
    InsecureSSLSkipVerify  bool
    FirehoseSubscriptionID string
    BufferSize             int

type FirehoseNozzle Uses

type FirehoseNozzle struct {
    Readerrs chan error

    Stats *stats.Stats
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewFirehoseNozzle Uses

func NewFirehoseNozzle(
    eventRouting eventRouting.EventRouting,
    firehoseconfig *FirehoseConfig,
    stats *stats.Stats,
    httpClient doer,
) *FirehoseNozzle

func (*FirehoseNozzle) Draining Uses

func (f *FirehoseNozzle) Draining(ctx context.Context)

func (*FirehoseNozzle) ReadLogsBuffer Uses

func (f *FirehoseNozzle) ReadLogsBuffer(ctx context.Context)

func (*FirehoseNozzle) Start Uses

func (f *FirehoseNozzle) Start(ctx context.Context)

Start consumer and reading ingest loop

func (*FirehoseNozzle) StopReading Uses

func (f *FirehoseNozzle) StopReading()

Stop reading loop

type Streamer Uses

type Streamer interface {
    Stream(ctx context.Context, req *loggregator_v2.EgressBatchRequest) loggregator.EnvelopeStream

type V2Adapter Uses

type V2Adapter struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewV2Adapter Uses

func NewV2Adapter(s Streamer) V2Adapter

func (V2Adapter) Firehose Uses

func (a V2Adapter) Firehose(subscriptionID string) chan *events.Envelope

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