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package cfenv

import "github.com/cloudfoundry-community/go-cfenv"

Package cfenv provides information about the current app deployed on Cloud Foundry, including any bound service(s).


Package Files

application.go cfenv.go environment.go envmap.go service.go

func CurrentEnv Uses

func CurrentEnv() map[string]string

CurrentEnv translates the current environment to a map[string]string.

func Env Uses

func Env(env []string) map[string]string

Env translates the provided environment to a map[string]string.

func IsRunningOnCF Uses

func IsRunningOnCF() bool

IsRunningOnCF returns true if the current environment is Cloud Foundry and false if it is not Cloud Foundry

type App Uses

type App struct {
    ID              string   `json:"-"`                // DEPRECATED id of the instance
    InstanceID      string   `json:"instance_id"`      // id of the instance
    AppID           string   `json:"application_id"`   // id of the application
    Index           int      `json:"instance_index"`   // index of the app
    Name            string   `json:"name"`             // name of the app
    Host            string   `json:"host"`             // host of the app
    Port            int      `json:"port"`             // port of the app
    Version         string   `json:"version"`          // version of the app
    ApplicationURIs []string `json:"application_uris"` // application uri of the app
    SpaceID         string   `json:"space_id"`         // id of the space
    SpaceName       string   `json:"space_name"`       // name of the space
    Home            string   // root folder for the deployed app
    MemoryLimit     string   // maximum amount of memory that each instance of the application can consume
    WorkingDir      string   // present working directory, where the buildpack that processed the application ran
    TempDir         string   // directory location where temporary and staging files are stored
    User            string   // user account under which the DEA runs
    Services        Services // services bound to the app
    CFAPI           string   `json:"cf_api"` // URL for the Cloud Foundry API endpoint
    Limits          *Limits  `json:"limits"` // limits imposed on this process

An App holds information about the current app running on Cloud Foundry

func Current Uses

func Current() (*App, error)

Current creates a new App with the current environment; returns an error if the current environment is not a Cloud Foundry environment

func New Uses

func New(env map[string]string) (*App, error)

New creates a new App with the provided environment.

type Limits Uses

type Limits struct {
    Disk int `json:"disk"` // disk limit
    FDs  int `json:"fds"`  // file descriptors limit
    Mem  int `json:"mem"`  // memory limit

type Service Uses

type Service struct {
    Name         string                 // name of the service
    Label        string                 // label of the service
    Tags         []string               // tags for the service
    Plan         string                 // plan of the service
    Credentials  map[string]interface{} // credentials for the service
    VolumeMounts []map[string]string    `mapstructure:"volume_mounts"` // volume mount info as provided by the nfsbroker

Service describes a bound service. For bindable services Cloud Foundry will add connection details to the VCAP_SERVICES environment variable when you restart your application, after binding a service instance to your application.

The results are returned as a JSON document that contains an object for each service for which one or more instances are bound to the application. The service object contains a child object for each service instance of that service that is bound to the application.

func (*Service) CredentialString Uses

func (s *Service) CredentialString(key string) (string, bool)

type Services Uses

type Services map[string][]Service

Services is an association of service labels to a slice of services with that label.

func (*Services) WithLabel Uses

func (s *Services) WithLabel(label string) ([]Service, error)

WithLabel finds the service with the specified label.

func (*Services) WithName Uses

func (s *Services) WithName(name string) (*Service, error)

WithName finds the service with the specified name.

func (*Services) WithNameUsingPattern Uses

func (s *Services) WithNameUsingPattern(namePattern string) ([]Service, error)

WithName finds the service with a name pattern.

func (*Services) WithTag Uses

func (s *Services) WithTag(tag string) ([]Service, error)

WithTag finds services with the specified tag.

func (*Services) WithTagUsingPattern Uses

func (s *Services) WithTagUsingPattern(tagPattern string) ([]Service, error)

WithTag finds services with a tag pattern.

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