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package acceptance

import ""


Package Files

flags.go test_main.go util_cluster.go util_docker.go

func MainTest Uses

func MainTest(m *testing.M)

MainTest is an exported implementation of TestMain for use by other packages.

func RunDocker Uses

func RunDocker(t *testing.T, testee func(t *testing.T))

RunDocker runs the given acceptance test using a Docker cluster.

func StartCluster Uses

func StartCluster(ctx context.Context, t *testing.T, cfg cluster.TestConfig) (c cluster.Cluster)

StartCluster starts a cluster from the relevant flags. All test clusters should be created through this command since it sets up the logging in a unified way.


localcluster/tcPackage tc contains utility methods for using the Linux tc (traffic control) command to mess with the network links between cockroach nodes running on the local machine.

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