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package changefeedbase

import ""


Package Files

options.go settings.go validate.go


const (
    OptConfluentSchemaRegistry  = `confluent_schema_registry`
    OptCursor                   = `cursor`
    OptEnvelope                 = `envelope`
    OptFormat                   = `format`
    OptKeyInValue               = `key_in_value`
    OptResolvedTimestamps       = `resolved`
    OptUpdatedTimestamps        = `updated`
    OptDiff                     = `diff`
    OptCompression              = `compression`
    OptSchemaChangeEvents       = `schema_change_events`
    OptSchemaChangePolicy       = `schema_change_policy`
    OptProtectDataFromGCOnPause = `protect_data_from_gc_on_pause`

    // OptSchemaChangeEventClassColumnChange corresponds to all schema change
    // events which add or remove any column.
    OptSchemaChangeEventClassColumnChange SchemaChangeEventClass = `column_changes`
    // OptSchemaChangeEventClassDefault corresponds to all schema change
    // events which add a column with a default value or remove any column.
    OptSchemaChangeEventClassDefault SchemaChangeEventClass = `default`

    // OptSchemaChangePolicyBackfill indicates that when a schema change event
    // occurs, a full table backfill should occur.
    OptSchemaChangePolicyBackfill SchemaChangePolicy = `backfill`
    // OptSchemaChangePolicyNoBackfill indicates that when a schema change event occurs
    // no backfill should occur and the changefeed should continue.
    OptSchemaChangePolicyNoBackfill SchemaChangePolicy = `nobackfill`
    // OptSchemaChangePolicyStop indicates that when a schema change event occurs
    // the changefeed should resolve all data up to when it occurred and then
    // exit with an error indicating the HLC timestamp of the change from which
    // the user could continue.
    OptSchemaChangePolicyStop SchemaChangePolicy = `stop`

    // OptInitialScan enables an initial scan. This is the default when no
    // cursor is specified, leading to an initial scan at the statement time of
    // the creation of the changeffed. If used in conjunction with a cursor,
    // an initial scan will be performed at the cursor timestamp.
    OptInitialScan = `initial_scan`
    // OptInitialScan enables an initial scan. This is the default when a
    // cursor is specified. This option is useful to create a changefeed which
    // subscribes only to new messages.
    OptNoInitialScan = `no_initial_scan`

    OptEnvelopeKeyOnly       EnvelopeType = `key_only`
    OptEnvelopeRow           EnvelopeType = `row`
    OptEnvelopeDeprecatedRow EnvelopeType = `deprecated_row`
    OptEnvelopeWrapped       EnvelopeType = `wrapped`

    OptFormatJSON FormatType = `json`
    OptFormatAvro FormatType = `experimental_avro`

    SinkParamCACert           = `ca_cert`
    SinkParamClientCert       = `client_cert`
    SinkParamClientKey        = `client_key`
    SinkParamFileSize         = `file_size`
    SinkParamSchemaTopic      = `schema_topic`
    SinkParamTLSEnabled       = `tls_enabled`
    SinkParamTopicPrefix      = `topic_prefix`
    SinkSchemeBuffer          = ``
    SinkSchemeExperimentalSQL = `experimental-sql`
    SinkSchemeKafka           = `kafka`
    SinkParamSASLEnabled      = `sasl_enabled`
    SinkParamSASLHandshake    = `sasl_handshake`
    SinkParamSASLUser         = `sasl_user`
    SinkParamSASLPassword     = `sasl_password`

Constants for the options.


var ChangefeedOptionExpectValues = map[string]sql.KVStringOptValidate{
    OptConfluentSchemaRegistry:  sql.KVStringOptRequireValue,
    OptCursor:                   sql.KVStringOptRequireValue,
    OptEnvelope:                 sql.KVStringOptRequireValue,
    OptFormat:                   sql.KVStringOptRequireValue,
    OptKeyInValue:               sql.KVStringOptRequireNoValue,
    OptResolvedTimestamps:       sql.KVStringOptAny,
    OptUpdatedTimestamps:        sql.KVStringOptRequireNoValue,
    OptDiff:                     sql.KVStringOptRequireNoValue,
    OptCompression:              sql.KVStringOptRequireValue,
    OptSchemaChangeEvents:       sql.KVStringOptRequireValue,
    OptSchemaChangePolicy:       sql.KVStringOptRequireValue,
    OptInitialScan:              sql.KVStringOptRequireNoValue,
    OptNoInitialScan:            sql.KVStringOptRequireNoValue,
    OptProtectDataFromGCOnPause: sql.KVStringOptRequireNoValue,

ChangefeedOptionExpectValues is used to parse changefeed options using PlanHookState.TypeAsStringOpts().

var TableDescriptorPollInterval = settings.RegisterNonNegativeDurationSetting(
    "polling interval for the table descriptors",

TableDescriptorPollInterval controls how fast table descriptors are polled. A table descriptor must be read above the timestamp of any row that we'll emit.

NB: The more generic name of this setting precedes its current interpretation. It used to control additional polling rates.

func ValidateTable Uses

func ValidateTable(
    targets jobspb.ChangefeedTargets, tableDesc *sqlbase.ImmutableTableDescriptor,
) error

ValidateTable validates that a table descriptor can be watched by a CHANGEFEED.

type EnvelopeType Uses

type EnvelopeType string

EnvelopeType configures the information in the changefeed events for a row.

type FormatType Uses

type FormatType string

FormatType configures the encoding format.

type SchemaChangeEventClass Uses

type SchemaChangeEventClass string

SchemaChangeEventClass defines a set of schema change event types which trigger the action defined by the SchemaChangeEventPolicy.

type SchemaChangePolicy Uses

type SchemaChangePolicy string

SchemaChangePolicy defines the behavior of a changefeed when a schema change event which is a member of the changefeed's schema change events.

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