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package sampledataccl

import ""


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type Backup Uses

type Backup struct {
    // BaseDir can be used for a RESTORE. All paths in the descriptor are
    // relative to this.
    BaseDir string
    Desc    backupccl.BackupManifest
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Backup is a representation of an enterprise BACKUP.

func ToBackup Uses

func ToBackup(t testing.TB, data workload.Table, dir string) (*Backup, error)

ToBackup creates an enterprise backup in `dir`.

func (*Backup) NextKeyValues Uses

func (b *Backup) NextKeyValues(
    count int, newTableID sqlbase.ID,
) ([]engine.MVCCKeyValue, roachpb.Span, error)

NextKeyValues iterates and returns every *user table data* key-value in the backup. At least `count` kvs will be returned, but rows are not broken up, so slightly more than `count` may come back. If fewer than `count` are available, err will be `io.EOF` and kvs may be partially filled with the remainer.

func (*Backup) ResetKeyValueIteration Uses

func (b *Backup) ResetKeyValueIteration()

ResetKeyValueIteration resets the NextKeyValues iteration to the first kv.

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