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package systembench

import ""


Package Files

cpu_bench.go disk_bench.go network_test_client.go network_test_common.go network_test_server.go systembench_common.go tests.go

func Run Uses

func Run(diskOpts DiskOptions) error

Run runs I/O benchmarks specified by diskOpts.

func RunCPU Uses

func RunCPU(cpuOptions CPUOptions) error

RunCPU runs cpu benchmarks specified by cpuOptions.

func RunClient Uses

func RunClient(clientOptions ClientOptions) error

RunClient runs the client workload for the network benchmark.

func RunServer Uses

func RunServer(serverOptions ServerOptions) error

RunServer runs a server for network benchmarks.

type CPUBenchmarkType Uses

type CPUBenchmarkType int

CPUBenchmarkType represents a CPU Benchmark.

const (
    // CPUPrimeTest identifies a prime factoring CPU test.
    CPUPrimeTest CPUBenchmarkType = iota

type CPUOptions Uses

type CPUOptions struct {
    Concurrency int
    Duration    time.Duration

    Type CPUBenchmarkType

CPUOptions holds parameters for the test.

type ClientOptions Uses

type ClientOptions struct {
    Concurrency int
    Duration    time.Duration
    LatencyMode bool

    Addresses []string

ClientOptions holds parameters for client part of the network test.

type DiskBenchmarkType Uses

type DiskBenchmarkType int

DiskBenchmarkType represents an I/O benchmark.

const (
    // SeqWriteTest identifies a sequential write I/O
    // benchmark.
    SeqWriteTest DiskBenchmarkType = iota

type DiskOptions Uses

type DiskOptions struct {
    Dir          string
    Concurrency  int
    Duration     time.Duration
    WriteSize    int64
    SyncInterval int64

    Type DiskBenchmarkType

DiskOptions holds parameters for the test.

type ServerOptions Uses

type ServerOptions struct {
    Port string

ServerOptions holds parameters for server part of the network test.



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