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package gce

import ""


Package Files

gcloud.go utils.go


const (

    // ProviderName is gce.
    ProviderName = "gce"


var Subdomain = func() string {
    if d, ok := os.LookupEnv("ROACHPROD_DNS"); ok {
        return d
    return ""

Subdomain is the DNS subdomain to in which to maintain cluster node names.

func DefaultProject Uses

func DefaultProject() string

DefaultProject returns the default GCE project.

func GetUserAuthorizedKeys Uses

func GetUserAuthorizedKeys() (authorizedKeys []byte, err error)

GetUserAuthorizedKeys retreives reads a list of user public keys from the gcloud cockroach-ephemeral project and returns them formatted for use in an authorized_keys file.

func SyncDNS Uses

func SyncDNS(vms vm.List) error

SyncDNS replaces the configured DNS zone with the supplied hosts.

type Provider Uses

type Provider struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Provider is the GCE implementation of the vm.Provider interface.

func (*Provider) Active Uses

func (p *Provider) Active() bool

Active is part of the vm.Provider interface.

func (*Provider) CleanSSH Uses

func (p *Provider) CleanSSH() error

CleanSSH TODO(peter): document

func (*Provider) ConfigSSH Uses

func (p *Provider) ConfigSSH() error

ConfigSSH TODO(peter): document

func (*Provider) Create Uses

func (p *Provider) Create(names []string, opts vm.CreateOpts) error

Create TODO(peter): document

func (*Provider) Delete Uses

func (p *Provider) Delete(vms vm.List) error

Delete TODO(peter): document

func (*Provider) Extend Uses

func (p *Provider) Extend(vms vm.List, lifetime time.Duration) error

Extend TODO(peter): document

func (*Provider) FindActiveAccount Uses

func (p *Provider) FindActiveAccount() (string, error)

FindActiveAccount TODO(peter): document

func (*Provider) Flags Uses

func (p *Provider) Flags() vm.ProviderFlags

Flags TODO(peter): document

func (*Provider) GetProject Uses

func (p *Provider) GetProject() string

GetProject returns the GCE project on which we're configured to operate. If multiple projects were configured, this panics.

func (*Provider) GetProjects Uses

func (p *Provider) GetProjects() []string

GetProjects returns the list of GCE projects on which we're configured to operate.

func (*Provider) List Uses

func (p *Provider) List() (vm.List, error)

List queries gcloud to produce a list of VM info objects.

func (*Provider) Name Uses

func (p *Provider) Name() string

Name TODO(peter): document

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