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package coldataext

import ""


Package Files

datum_vec.go extended_column_factory.go

func NewExtendedColumnFactory Uses

func NewExtendedColumnFactory(evalCtx *tree.EvalContext) coldata.ColumnFactory

NewExtendedColumnFactory returns an extendedColumnFactory instance.

type Datum Uses

type Datum struct {

Datum wraps a tree.Datum. This is the struct that datumVec.Get() returns.

func (*Datum) BinFn Uses

func (d *Datum) BinFn(
    binFn *tree.BinOp, evalCtx *tree.EvalContext, other interface{},
) (tree.Datum, error)

BinFn evaluates the provided binary function between the receiver and other. other can either be nil, tree.Datum, or *Datum.

func (*Datum) Cast Uses

func (d *Datum) Cast(dVec interface{}, toType *types.T) (tree.Datum, error)

Cast returns the result of casting d to the type toType. dVec is the datumVec that stores d and is used to supply the eval context.

func (*Datum) CompareDatum Uses

func (d *Datum) CompareDatum(dVec, other interface{}) int

CompareDatum returns the comparison between d and other. The other is assumed to be tree.Datum. dVec is the datumVec that stores either d or other (it doesn't matter which one because it is used only to supply the eval context). Note that the method is named differently from "Compare" so that we do not overload tree.Datum.Compare method.

func (*Datum) Hash Uses

func (d *Datum) Hash(da *sqlbase.DatumAlloc) []byte

Hash returns the hash of the datum as a byte slice.

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