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package typeconv

import ""


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var DatumVecCanonicalTypeFamily = types.Family(1000000)

DatumVecCanonicalTypeFamily is the "canonical" type family of all types that are physically represented by coldata.DatumVec.

func ToCanonicalTypeFamilies Uses

func ToCanonicalTypeFamilies(typs []*types.T) []types.Family

ToCanonicalTypeFamilies converts typs to the corresponding canonical type families.

func TypeFamilyToCanonicalTypeFamily Uses

func TypeFamilyToCanonicalTypeFamily(family types.Family) types.Family

TypeFamilyToCanonicalTypeFamily converts all type families to their "canonical" counterparts. "Canonical" type families are representatives from a set of "equivalent" type families where "equivalence" means having the same physical representation.

All type families that do not have an optimized physical representation are handled by using tree.Datums, and such types are mapped to DatumVecCanonicalTypeFamily.

func UnsafeFromGoType Uses

func UnsafeFromGoType(v interface{}) *types.T

UnsafeFromGoType returns the type for a Go value, if applicable. Shouldn't be used at runtime. This method is unsafe because multiple logical types can be represented by the same physical type. Types that are backed by DatumVec are *not* supported by this function.

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