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package diskmap

import ""


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type Factory Uses

type Factory interface {
    // Close the factory, freeing up associated resources.
    // NewSortedDiskMap returns a fresh SortedDiskMap with no contents.
    NewSortedDiskMap() SortedDiskMap
    // NewSortedDiskMultiMap returns a fresh SortedDiskMap with no contents that permits
    // duplicate keys.
    NewSortedDiskMultiMap() SortedDiskMap

Factory is an interface that can produce SortedDiskMaps.

type SortedDiskMap Uses

type SortedDiskMap interface {
    // NewIterator returns a SortedDiskMapIterator that can be used to iterate
    // over key/value pairs in sorted order.
    NewIterator() SortedDiskMapIterator
    // NewBatchWriter returns a SortedDiskMapBatchWriter that can be used to
    // batch writes to this map for performance improvements.
    NewBatchWriter() SortedDiskMapBatchWriter
    // NewBatchWriterCapacity is identical to NewBatchWriter, but overrides the
    // SortedDiskMapBatchWriter's default capacity with capacityBytes.
    NewBatchWriterCapacity(capacityBytes int) SortedDiskMapBatchWriter

    // Clear clears the map's data for reuse.
    Clear() error

    // Close frees up resources held by the map.

SortedDiskMap is an on-disk map. Keys are iterated over in sorted order.

type SortedDiskMapBatchWriter Uses

type SortedDiskMapBatchWriter interface {
    // Put writes the given key/value pair to the batch. The write to the
    // underlying store happens on Flush(), Close(), or when the batch writer
    // reaches its capacity.
    Put(k []byte, v []byte) error
    // Flush flushes all writes to the underlying store. The batch can be reused
    // after a call to Flush().
    Flush() error
    // The number of put calls since the last time the writer was flushed.
    NumPutsSinceFlush() int
    // Close flushes all writes to the underlying store and frees up resources
    // held by the batch writer.
    Close(context.Context) error

SortedDiskMapBatchWriter batches writes to a SortedDiskMap.

type SortedDiskMapIterator Uses

type SortedDiskMapIterator interface {
    // SeekGE sets the iterator's position to the first key greater than or equal
    // to the provided key.
    SeekGE(key []byte)
    // Rewind seeks to the start key.
    // Valid must be called after any call to Seek(), Rewind(), or Next(). It
    // returns (true, nil) if the iterator points to a valid key and
    // (false, nil) if the iterator has moved past the end of the valid range.
    // If an error has occurred, the returned bool is invalid.
    Valid() (bool, error)
    // Next advances the iterator to the next key in the iteration.

    // UnsafeKey returns the same value as Key, but the memory is invalidated on
    // the next call to {Next,Rewind,Seek,Close}.
    UnsafeKey() []byte
    // UnsafeValue returns the same value as Value, but the memory is
    // invalidated on the next call to {Next,Rewind,Seek,Close}.
    UnsafeValue() []byte

    // Close frees up resources held by the iterator.

SortedDiskMapIterator is a simple iterator used to iterate over keys and/or values. Example use of iterating over all keys:

var i SortedDiskMapIterator
for i.Rewind(); ; i.Next() {
	if ok, err := i.Valid(); err != nil {
		// Handle error.
	} else if !ok {
	key := i.UnsafeKey()
	// Do something.

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