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package txnrecovery

import ""


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manager.go metrics.go

type Manager Uses

type Manager interface {
    // ResolveIndeterminateCommit attempts to resolve the status of transactions
    // that have been abandoned while in the STAGING state, attempting to commit.
    // Unlike most transitions in the transaction state machine, moving from the
    // STAGING state to any other state requires global coordination instead of
    // localized coordination. This method performs this coordination with the
    // goal of finalizing the transaction as either COMMITTED or ABORTED.
    // The method may also return a transaction in any other state if it is
    // discovered to still be live and undergoing state transitions.
        context.Context, *roachpb.IndeterminateCommitError,
    ) (*roachpb.Transaction, error)

    // Metrics returns the Manager's metrics struct.
    Metrics() Metrics

Manager organizes the recovery of transactions whose states require global (as opposed to local) coordination to transition away from.

func NewManager Uses

func NewManager(ac log.AmbientContext, clock *hlc.Clock, db *kv.DB, stopper *stop.Stopper) Manager

NewManager returns an implementation of a transaction recovery Manager.

type Metrics Uses

type Metrics struct {
    AttemptsPending      *metric.Gauge
    Attempts             *metric.Counter
    SuccessesAsCommitted *metric.Counter
    SuccessesAsAborted   *metric.Counter
    SuccessesAsPending   *metric.Counter
    Failures             *metric.Counter

Metrics holds all metrics relating to a transaction recovery Manager.

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