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package colexecerror

import ""


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func CatchVectorizedRuntimeError Uses

func CatchVectorizedRuntimeError(operation func()) (retErr error)

CatchVectorizedRuntimeError executes operation, catches a runtime error if it is coming from the vectorized engine, and returns it. If an error not related to the vectorized engine occurs, it is not recovered from.

func ExpectedError Uses

func ExpectedError(err error)

ExpectedError panics with the error that is wrapped by notInternalError which will not be treated as internal error and will not have a printed out stack trace. This method should be called to propagate errors that the vectorized engine *expects* to occur.

func InternalError Uses

func InternalError(err interface{})

InternalError simply panics with the provided object. It will always be caught and returned as internal error to the client with the corresponding stack trace. This method should be called to propagate errors that resulted in the vectorized engine being in an *unexpected* state.

type StorageError Uses

type StorageError struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

StorageError is an error that was created by a component below the sql stack, such as the network or storage layers. A StorageError will be bubbled up all the way past the SQL layer unchanged.

func NewStorageError Uses

func NewStorageError(err error) *StorageError

NewStorageError returns a new storage error. This can be used to propagate an error through the exec subsystem unchanged.

func (*StorageError) Cause Uses

func (s *StorageError) Cause() error

Cause implements the Causer interface.

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