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package gossiputil

import ""


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type StoreGossiper Uses

type StoreGossiper struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

StoreGossiper allows tests to push storeDescriptors into gossip and synchronize on their callbacks. There can only be one storeGossiper used per gossip instance.

func NewStoreGossiper Uses

func NewStoreGossiper(g *gossip.Gossip) *StoreGossiper

NewStoreGossiper creates a store gossiper for use by tests. It adds the callback to gossip.

func (*StoreGossiper) GossipStores Uses

func (sg *StoreGossiper) GossipStores(storeDescs []*roachpb.StoreDescriptor, t *testing.T)

GossipStores queues up a list of stores to gossip and blocks until each one is gossiped before returning.

func (*StoreGossiper) GossipWithFunction Uses

func (sg *StoreGossiper) GossipWithFunction(storeIDs []roachpb.StoreID, gossipFn func())

GossipWithFunction calls gossipFn and blocks until gossip callbacks have fired on each of the stores specified by storeIDs.

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