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package generic

import ""

Package generic provides an implementation of a generic immutable interval B-Tree.

The package uses code generation to create type-safe, zero-allocation specializations of the ordered tree structure.


Users of the package should follow these steps:

1. Define a type that will be used to parameterize the generic tree structure.
2. Ensure that the parameter type fulfills the type contract defined in
3. Include a go generate declaration that invokes the script with the
   type name as the first argument and the package name as the second argument.
4. Invoke go generate.


1. The latch type is defined:

type latch struct {
    id         uint64
    span       roachpb.Span
    ts         hlc.Timestamp
    done       *signal
    next, prev *latch // readSet linked-list.

2. Methods are defined to fulfill the type contract.

func (la *latch) ID() uint64         { return }
func (la *latch) Key() []byte        { return la.span.Key }
func (la *latch) EndKey() []byte     { return la.span.EndKey }
func (la *latch) String() string     { return fmt.Sprintf("%s@%s", la.span, la.ts) }
func (la *latch) SetID(v uint64)     { = v }
func (la *latch) SetKey(v []byte)    { la.span.Key = v }
func (la *latch) SetEndKey(v []byte) { la.span.EndKey = v }

3. The following comment is added near the declaration of the latch type:

//go:generate ../../util/interval/generic/ *latch spanlatch

4. Invoking go generate results in the creation of the following files:

* latch_interval_btree.go
* latch_interval_btree_test.go

Working Example

See example_t.go for a working example. Running go generate on this package generates:

* example_interval_btree.go
* example_interval_btree_test.go


Package Files

doc.go example_interval_btree.go example_t.go



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