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package flags

import ""


Package Files



const (
    GlobalFlagsConfigFileFormatJSON = "json"
    GlobalFlagsConfigFileFormatYAML = "yaml"

type GlobalFlags Uses

type GlobalFlags struct {
    AppDirectory     *string `json:"app-dir,omitempty"`
    ConfigFile       *string `json:"config,omitempty"`
    ConfigFileFormat *string `json:"config-format,omitempty"`
    DisableColoring  *bool   `json:"disable-color,omitempty"`
    Verbose          *bool   `json:"verbose,omitempty"`
    AWSAccessKey     *string `json:"aws-access-key,omitempty"`
    AWSSecretKey     *string `json:"aws-secret-key,omitempty"`
    AWSRegion        *string `json:"aws-region,omitempty"`
    AWSVPC           *string `json:"aws-vpc,omitempty"`

func NewGlobalFlags Uses

func NewGlobalFlags(ka *kingpin.Application) *GlobalFlags

func (*GlobalFlags) GetAWSClient Uses

func (gf *GlobalFlags) GetAWSClient() *aws.Client

func (*GlobalFlags) GetAWSRegionAndVPCID Uses

func (gf *GlobalFlags) GetAWSRegionAndVPCID() (string, string, error)

func (*GlobalFlags) GetApplicationDirectory Uses

func (gf *GlobalFlags) GetApplicationDirectory() (string, error)

GetApplicationDirectory returns an absolute path of the application directory.

func (*GlobalFlags) GetConfigFile Uses

func (gf *GlobalFlags) GetConfigFile() (string, error)

GetConfigFile returns an absolute path of the configuration file.

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