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package failures

import ""


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func IsTestSetupFailure Uses

func IsTestSetupFailure(f Failure) (string, bool)

IsTestSetupFailure checks whether the given failure is due to the test setup being broken

type Failure Uses

type Failure interface {
    ID() FailureID

Failure is an extended error that also includes an ID to be used to identify a specific error

func Wrap Uses

func Wrap(message string, id FailureID, wrappedError error, v ...interface{}) Failure

Wrap returns a failure with the given message and id, saving the message of wrappedError for appending to Error()

type FailureID Uses

type FailureID int

FailureID is a number to be used to identify a specific error

const (
    // FailTestSetup is FailureID used to represent an error that is part of the setup for tests
    FailTestSetup FailureID = -1

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