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package util

import ""


Package Files

contains.go util.go util_kinds.go


var DiscardLogger = log.New(ioutil.Discard, "", 0)

DiscardLogger is a logger that discards any output written to it

func ContainsKind Uses

func ContainsKind(kinds []reflect.Kind, candidate reflect.Kind) bool

ContainsKind returns true if the candidate is present in the kind slice

func IsCollection Uses

func IsCollection(kind reflect.Kind) bool

IsCollection is a check against slice and array

func IsSignedDecimal Uses

func IsSignedDecimal(kind reflect.Kind) bool

IsSignedDecimal is a check against the signed decimal types

func IsUnsignedDecimal Uses

func IsUnsignedDecimal(kind reflect.Kind) bool

IsUnsignedDecimal is a check against the unsigned decimal types

func Max Uses

func Max(a int, b int) int

Max returns the largest of a and b

func Min Uses

func Min(a int, b int) int

Min returns the smallest of a and b

func TestLogger Uses

func TestLogger() *log.Logger

TestLogger returns a log.Logger that writes to ginkgo.GinkgoWriter for use in tests

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