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package types

import ""


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filter.go filterable_container.go notifier.go update_params.go

type Filter Uses

type Filter func(FilterableContainer) bool

A Filter is a prototype for a function that can be used to filter the results from a call to the ListContainers() method on the Client.

type FilterableContainer Uses

type FilterableContainer interface {
    Name() string
    IsWatchtower() bool
    Enabled() (bool, bool)

A FilterableContainer is the interface which is used to filter containers.

type Notifier Uses

type Notifier interface {

Notifier is the interface that all notification services have in common

type UpdateParams Uses

type UpdateParams struct {
    Filter         Filter
    Cleanup        bool
    NoRestart      bool
    Timeout        time.Duration
    MonitorOnly    bool
    LifecycleHooks bool

UpdateParams contains all different options available to alter the behavior of the Update func

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