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corePackage core registers the server and all plugins we support.
core/dnsserverPackage dnsserver implements all the interfaces from Caddy, so that CoreDNS can be a servertype plugin.
coremainPackage coremain contains the functions for starting CoreDNS.
pluginPackage plugin provides some types and functions common among plugin.
plugin/autoPackage auto implements an on-the-fly loading file backend.
plugin/autopathPackage autopath implements autopathing.
plugin/bindPackage bind allows binding to a specific interface instead of bind to all of them.
plugin/bufsizePackage bufsize implements a plugin that modifies EDNS0 buffer size.
plugin/cachePackage cache implements a cache.
plugin/cache/freqPackage freq keeps track of last X seen events.
plugin/cancelPackage cancel implements a plugin adds a canceling context to each request.
plugin/chaosPackage chaos implements a plugin that answer to 'CH version.bind TXT' type queries.
plugin/clouddnsPackage clouddns implements a plugin that returns resource records from GCP Cloud DNS.
plugin/deprecatedPackage deprecated is used when we deprecated plugin.
plugin/dns64Package dns64 implements a plugin that performs DNS64.
plugin/dnssecPackage dnssec implements a plugin that signs responses on-the-fly using NSEC black lies.
plugin/dnstap/taprwPackage taprw takes a query and intercepts the response.
plugin/erraticPackage erratic implements a plugin that returns erratic answers (delayed, dropped).
plugin/errorsPackage errors implements an error handling plugin.
plugin/etcdPackage etcd provides the etcd version 3 backend plugin.
plugin/etcd/msgPackage msg defines the Service structure which is used for service discovery.
plugin/filePackage file implements a file backend.
plugin/file/rrutilPackage rrutil provides function to find certain RRs in slices.
plugin/file/treePackage tree implements Left-Leaning Red Black trees as described by Robert Sedgewick.
plugin/forwardPackage forward implements a forwarding proxy.
plugin/healthPackage health implements an HTTP handler that responds to health checks.
plugin/k8s_externalPackage external implements external names for kubernetes clusters.
plugin/kubernetesPackage kubernetes provides the kubernetes backend.
plugin/kubernetes/objectPackage object holds functions that convert the objects from the k8s API in to a more memory efficient structures.
plugin/loadbalancePackage loadbalance is a plugin for rewriting responses to do "load balancing"
plugin/logPackage log implements basic but useful request (access) logging plugin.
plugin/metadataPackage metadata provides an API that allows plugins to add metadata to the context.
plugin/metricsPackage metrics implement a handler and plugin that provides Prometheus metrics.
plugin/nsidPackage nsid implements NSID protocol
plugin/pkg/cachePackage cache implements a cache.
plugin/pkg/dnstestPackage dnstest allows for easy testing of DNS client against a test server.
plugin/pkg/dnsutilPackage dnsutil contains DNS related helper functions.
plugin/pkg/ednsPackage edns provides function useful for adding/inspecting OPT records to/in messages.
plugin/pkg/fallPackage fall handles the fallthrough logic used in plugins that support it.
plugin/pkg/fuzzPackage fuzz contains functions that enable fuzzing of plugins.
plugin/pkg/logPackage log implements a small wrapper around the std lib log package.
plugin/pkg/nonwriterPackage nonwriter implements a dns.ResponseWriter that never writes, but captures the dns.Msg being written.
plugin/pkg/parsePackage parse contains functions that can be used in the setup code for plugins.
plugin/pkg/singleflightPackage singleflight provides a duplicate function call suppression mechanism.
plugin/pkg/uniqPackage uniq keeps track of "thing" that are either "todo" or "done".
plugin/pkg/upPackage up is used to run a function for some duration.
plugin/pkg/upstreamPackage upstream abstracts a upstream lookups so that plugins can handle them in an unified way.
plugin/pprofPackage pprof implements a debug endpoint for getting profiles using the go pprof tooling.
plugin/readyPackage ready is used to signal readiness of the CoreDNS process.
plugin/reloadPackage reload periodically checks if the Corefile has changed, and reloads if so.
plugin/rewritePackage rewrite is a plugin for rewriting requests internally to something different.
plugin/route53Package route53 implements a plugin that returns resource records from AWS route53.
plugin/secondaryPackage secondary implements a secondary plugin.
plugin/signPackage sign implements a zone signer as a plugin.
plugin/testPackage test contains helper functions for writing plugin tests.
plugin/tracePackage trace implements OpenTracing-based tracing
plugin/whoamiPackage whoami implements a plugin that returns details about the resolving querying it.
requestPackage request abstracts a client's request so that all plugins will handle them in an unified way.
testPackage test contains function and types useful for writing tests.

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