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package ancestry

import ""


Package Files

ancestry.go ancestry_detector.go ancestry_feature.go ancestry_layer.go

func FindAncestry Uses

func FindAncestry(tx *sql.Tx, name string) (database.Ancestry, bool, error)

func FindAncestryDetectors Uses

func FindAncestryDetectors(tx *sql.Tx, id int64) ([]database.Detector, error)

func FindAncestryFeatures Uses

func FindAncestryFeatures(tx *sql.Tx, ancestryID int64, detectors detector.DetectorMap) (map[int64][]database.AncestryFeature, error)

func FindAncestryID Uses

func FindAncestryID(tx *sql.Tx, name string) (int64, bool, error)

func FindAncestryLayerHashes Uses

func FindAncestryLayerHashes(tx *sql.Tx, ancestryID int64) (map[int64]string, error)

func FindAncestryLayers Uses

func FindAncestryLayers(tx *sql.Tx, id int64) ([]database.AncestryLayer, error)

func InsertAncestry Uses

func InsertAncestry(tx *sql.Tx, name string) (int64, error)

func InsertAncestryDetectors Uses

func InsertAncestryDetectors(tx *sql.Tx, ancestryID int64, detectorIDs []int64) error

func InsertAncestryFeatures Uses

func InsertAncestryFeatures(tx *sql.Tx, ancestryLayerID int64, layer database.AncestryLayer) error

func InsertAncestryLayers Uses

func InsertAncestryLayers(tx *sql.Tx, ancestryID int64, layers []int64) ([]int64, error)

insertAncestryLayers inserts the ancestry layers along with its content into the database. The layers are 0 based indexed in the original order.

func RemoveAncestry Uses

func RemoveAncestry(tx *sql.Tx, name string) error

func UpsertAncestry Uses

func UpsertAncestry(tx *sql.Tx, ancestry database.Ancestry) error

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