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package detector

import ""


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func FindDetectorIDs Uses

func FindDetectorIDs(tx *sql.Tx, detectors []database.Detector) ([]int64, error)

findDetectorIDs retrieve ids of the detectors from the database, if any is not found, return the error.

func GetDetectors Uses

func GetDetectors(tx *sql.Tx, query string, id int64) ([]database.Detector, error)

func PersistDetectors Uses

func PersistDetectors(tx *sql.Tx, detectors []database.Detector) error

type DetectorMap Uses

type DetectorMap struct {
    ByID    map[int64]database.Detector
    ByValue map[database.Detector]int64

func FindAllDetectors Uses

func FindAllDetectors(tx *sql.Tx) (DetectorMap, error)

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