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package layer

import ""


Package Files

layer.go layer_detector.go layer_feature.go layer_namespace.go

func FindLayer Uses

func FindLayer(tx *sql.Tx, hash string) (database.Layer, bool, error)

func FindLayerDetectors Uses

func FindLayerDetectors(tx *sql.Tx, id int64) ([]database.Detector, error)

func FindLayerFeatures Uses

func FindLayerFeatures(tx *sql.Tx, layerID int64, detectors detector.DetectorMap) ([]database.LayerFeature, error)

func FindLayerID Uses

func FindLayerID(tx *sql.Tx, hash string) (int64, bool, error)

func FindLayerIDs Uses

func FindLayerIDs(tx *sql.Tx, hashes []string) ([]int64, bool, error)

func FindLayerNamespaces Uses

func FindLayerNamespaces(tx *sql.Tx, layerID int64, detectors detector.DetectorMap) ([]database.LayerNamespace, error)

func PersistAllLayerFeatures Uses

func PersistAllLayerFeatures(tx *sql.Tx, layerID int64, features []database.LayerFeature) error

func PersistAllLayerNamespaces Uses

func PersistAllLayerNamespaces(tx *sql.Tx, layerID int64, namespaces []database.LayerNamespace) error

func PersistLayer Uses

func PersistLayer(tx *sql.Tx, hash string, features []database.LayerFeature, namespaces []database.LayerNamespace, detectedBy []database.Detector) error

PersistLayer saves the content of a layer to the database.

func PersistLayerDetector Uses

func PersistLayerDetector(tx *sql.Tx, layerID int64, detectorID int64) error

func PersistLayerDetectors Uses

func PersistLayerDetectors(tx *sql.Tx, layerID int64, detectorIDs []int64) error

func PersistLayerFeatures Uses

func PersistLayerFeatures(tx *sql.Tx, features []dbLayerFeature) error

func PersistLayerNamespaces Uses

func PersistLayerNamespaces(tx *sql.Tx, namespaces []dbLayerNamespace) error

func SoiLayer Uses

func SoiLayer(tx *sql.Tx, hash string) (int64, error)

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