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package nvd

import ""

Package nvd implements a vulnerability metadata appender using the NIST NVD database.


Package Files

json.go nvd.go

func SeverityFromCVSS Uses

func SeverityFromCVSS(score float64) database.Severity

SeverityFromCVSS converts the CVSS Score (0.0 - 10.0) into a database.Severity following the qualitative rating scale available in the CVSS v3.0 specification (, Table 14.

The Negligible level is set for CVSS scores between [0, 1), replacing the specified None level, originally used for a score of 0.

type NVDMetadata Uses

type NVDMetadata struct {
    CVSSv2 NVDmetadataCVSSv2
    CVSSv3 NVDmetadataCVSSv3

type NVDmetadataCVSSv2 Uses

type NVDmetadataCVSSv2 struct {
    PublishedDateTime string
    Vectors           string
    Score             float64

type NVDmetadataCVSSv3 Uses

type NVDmetadataCVSSv3 struct {
    Vectors             string
    Score               float64
    ExploitabilityScore float64
    ImpactScore         float64

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