connectorPackage connector defines interfaces for federated identity strategies.
connector/atlassiancrowdPackage atlassiancrowd provides authentication strategies using Atlassian Crowd.
connector/authproxyPackage authproxy implements a connector which relies on external authentication (e.g.
connector/bitbucketcloudPackage bitbucketcloud provides authentication strategies using Bitbucket Cloud.
connector/giteaPackage gitea provides authentication strategies using Gitea.
connector/githubPackage github provides authentication strategies using GitHub.
connector/gitlabPackage gitlab provides authentication strategies using Gitlab.
connector/googlePackage google implements logging in through Google's OpenID Connect provider.
connector/keystonePackage keystone provides authentication strategy using Keystone.
connector/ldapPackage ldap implements strategies for authenticating using the LDAP protocol.
connector/linkedinPackage linkedin provides authentication strategies using LinkedIn
connector/microsoftPackage microsoft provides authentication strategies using Microsoft.
connector/mockPackage mock implements connectors which help test various server components.
connector/oidcPackage oidc implements logging in through OpenID Connect providers.
connector/samlPackage saml contains login methods for SAML.
pkg/groupsPackage groups contains helper functions related to groups
pkg/logPackage log provides a logger interface for logger libraries so that dex does not depend on any of them directly.
serverPackage server implements an OpenID Connect server with federated logins.
storagePackage storage defines the storage interface and types used by the server.
storage/conformancePackage conformance provides conformance tests for storage implementations.
storage/kubernetesPackage kubernetes provides a storage implementation using Kubernetes third party APIs.
storage/kubernetes/k8sapiPackage k8sapi holds vendored Kubernetes types.
storage/memoryPackage memory provides an in memory implementation of the storage interface.
storage/sqlPackage sql provides SQL implementations of the storage interface.
versionPackage version contains version information for this app.

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