apiPackage api is a generated protocol buffer package.
connectorPackage connector defines interfaces for federated identity strategies.
connector/authproxyPackage authproxy implements a connector which relies on external authentication (e.g.
connector/ldapPackage ldap implements strategies for authenticating using the LDAP protocol.
connector/microsoftPackage microsoft provides authentication strategies using Microsoft.
connector/mockPackage mock implements connectors which help test various server components.
connector/oidcPackage oidc implements logging in through OpenID Connect providers.
connector/samlPackage saml contains login methods for SAML.
serverPackage server implements an OpenID Connect server with federated logins.
server/internalPackage internal is a generated protocol buffer package.
storagePackage storage defines the storage interface and types used by the server.
storage/kubernetesPackage kubernetes provides a storage implementation using Kubernetes third party APIs.
storage/kubernetes/k8sapiPackage k8sapi holds vendored Kubernetes types.
versionPackage version contains version information for this app.

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