adtPackage adt implements useful abstract data types.
contentionPackage contention provides facilities for detecting system contention.
cpuutilPackage cpuutil provides facilities for detecting cpu-specific features.
crcPackage crc provides utility function for cyclic redundancy check algorithms.
debugutilPackage debugutil includes utility functions for debugging.
expectPackage expect implements a small expect-style interface TODO(ptab): Consider migration to
fileutilPackage fileutil implements utility functions related to files and paths.
flagsPackage flags implements command-line flag parsing.
httputilPackage httputil provides HTTP utility functions.
idutilPackage idutil implements utility functions for generating unique, randomized ids.
ioutilPackage ioutil implements I/O utility functions.
logutilPackage logutil includes utilities to facilitate logging.
mock/mockserverPackage mockserver provides mock implementations for etcdserver's server interface.
mock/mockstoragePackage mockstorage provides mock implementations for etcdserver's storage interface.
mock/mockstorePackage mockstore provides mock structures for the etcd store package.
mock/mockwaitPackage mockwait provides mock implementations for pkg/wait.
netutilPackage netutil implements network-related utility functions.
osutilPackage osutil implements operating system-related utility functions.
pathutilPackage pathutil implements utility functions for handling slash-separated paths.
pbutilPackage pbutil defines interfaces for handling Protocol Buffer objects.
proxyPackage proxy implements proxy servers for network fault testing.
reportPackage report generates human-readable benchmark reports.
runtimePackage runtime implements utility functions for runtime systems.
schedulePackage schedule provides mechanisms and policies for scheduling units of work.
srvPackage srv looks up DNS SRV records.
stringutilPackage stringutil exports string utility functions.
systemdPackage systemd provides utility functions for systemd.
testutilPackage testutil provides test utility functions.
tlsutilPackage tlsutil provides utility functions for handling TLS.
traceutilPackage traceutil implements tracing utilities using "context".
transportPackage transport implements various HTTP transport utilities based on Go net package.
typesPackage types declares various data types and implements type-checking functions.
waitPackage wait provides utility functions for polling, listening using Go channel.

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