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package srv

import ""

Package srv looks up DNS SRV records.


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func GetCluster Uses

func GetCluster(serviceScheme, service, name, dns string, apurls types.URLs) ([]string, error)

GetCluster gets the cluster information via DNS discovery. Also sees each entry as a separate instance.

func GetSRVService Uses

func GetSRVService(service, serviceName string, scheme string) (SRVService string)

GetSRVService generates a SRV service including an optional suffix.

type SRVClients Uses

type SRVClients struct {
    Endpoints []string
    SRVs      []*net.SRV

func GetClient Uses

func GetClient(service, domain string, serviceName string) (*SRVClients, error)

GetClient looks up the client endpoints for a service and domain.

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