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package params

import ""

Package params defines the simulation parameters in the simapp.

It contains the default weights used for each transaction used on the module's simulation. These weights define the chance for a transaction to be simulated at any gived operation.

You can repace the default values for the weights by providing a params.json file with the weights defined for each of the transaction operations:

	"op_weight_msg_send": 60,
	"op_weight_msg_delegate": 100,

In the example above, the `MsgSend` has 60% chance to be simulated, while the `MsgDelegate` will always be simulated.


Package Files

doc.go encoding.go params.go proto.go weights.go


const (
    StakePerAccount           = "stake_per_account"
    InitiallyBondedValidators = "initially_bonded_validators"

Simulation parameter constants

const (
    DefaultWeightMsgSend                        int = 100
    DefaultWeightMsgMultiSend                   int = 10
    DefaultWeightMsgSetWithdrawAddress          int = 50
    DefaultWeightMsgWithdrawDelegationReward    int = 50
    DefaultWeightMsgWithdrawValidatorCommission int = 50
    DefaultWeightMsgFundCommunityPool           int = 50
    DefaultWeightMsgDeposit                     int = 100
    DefaultWeightMsgVote                        int = 67
    DefaultWeightMsgUnjail                      int = 100
    DefaultWeightMsgCreateValidator             int = 100
    DefaultWeightMsgEditValidator               int = 5
    DefaultWeightMsgDelegate                    int = 100
    DefaultWeightMsgUndelegate                  int = 100
    DefaultWeightMsgBeginRedelegate             int = 100

    DefaultWeightCommunitySpendProposal int = 5
    DefaultWeightTextProposal           int = 5
    DefaultWeightParamChangeProposal    int = 5

Default simulation operation weights for messages and gov proposals

type EncodingConfig Uses

type EncodingConfig struct {
    InterfaceRegistry types.InterfaceRegistry
    Marshaler         codec.Marshaler
    TxConfig          client.TxConfig
    Amino             *codec.LegacyAmino

EncodingConfig specifies the concrete encoding types to use for a given app. This is provided for compatibility between protobuf and amino implementations.

func MakeEncodingConfig Uses

func MakeEncodingConfig() EncodingConfig

MakeEncodingConfig creates an EncodingConfig for an amino based test configuration.

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