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package mem

import ""


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type Store Uses

type Store struct {

Store implements an in-memory only KVStore. Entries are persisted between commits and thus between blocks. State in Memory store is not committed as part of app state but maintained privately by each node

func NewStore Uses

func NewStore() *Store

func NewStoreWithDB Uses

func NewStoreWithDB(db *dbm.MemDB) *Store

func (Store) CacheWrap Uses

func (s Store) CacheWrap() types.CacheWrap

CacheWrap cache wraps the underlying store.

func (Store) CacheWrapWithTrace Uses

func (s Store) CacheWrapWithTrace(w io.Writer, tc types.TraceContext) types.CacheWrap

CacheWrapWithTrace implements KVStore.

func (*Store) Commit Uses

func (s *Store) Commit() (id types.CommitID)

Commit performs a no-op as entries are persistent between commitments.

func (*Store) GetPruning Uses

func (s *Store) GetPruning() types.PruningOptions

GetPruning is a no-op as pruning options cannot be directly set on this store. They must be set on the root commit multi-store.

func (Store) GetStoreType Uses

func (s Store) GetStoreType() types.StoreType

GetStoreType returns the Store's type.

func (Store) LastCommitID Uses

func (s Store) LastCommitID() (id types.CommitID)

func (*Store) SetPruning Uses

func (s *Store) SetPruning(pruning types.PruningOptions)

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