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package transient

import ""


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type Store Uses

type Store struct {

Store is a wrapper for a MemDB with Commiter implementation

func NewStore Uses

func NewStore() *Store

Constructs new MemDB adapter

func (*Store) Commit Uses

func (ts *Store) Commit() (id types.CommitID)

Implements CommitStore Commit cleans up Store.

func (*Store) GetPruning Uses

func (ts *Store) GetPruning() types.PruningOptions

GetPruning is a no-op as pruning options cannot be directly set on this store. They must be set on the root commit multi-store.

func (*Store) GetStoreType Uses

func (ts *Store) GetStoreType() types.StoreType

Implements Store.

func (*Store) LastCommitID Uses

func (ts *Store) LastCommitID() (id types.CommitID)

Implements CommitStore

func (*Store) SetPruning Uses

func (ts *Store) SetPruning(_ types.PruningOptions)

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