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package msgservice

import ""


Package Files

msg_service.go service_msg_client.go

func RegisterMsgServiceDesc Uses

func RegisterMsgServiceDesc(registry codectypes.InterfaceRegistry, sd *grpc.ServiceDesc)

RegisterMsgServiceDesc registers all type_urls from Msg services described in `sd` into the registry.

type ServiceMsgClientConn Uses

type ServiceMsgClientConn struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

ServiceMsgClientConn is an instance of grpc.ClientConn that is used to test building transactions with MsgClient's. It is intended to be replaced by the work in when that is ready.

func (*ServiceMsgClientConn) GetMsgs Uses

func (t *ServiceMsgClientConn) GetMsgs() []sdk.Msg

GetMsgs returns ServiceMsgClientConn.msgs

func (*ServiceMsgClientConn) Invoke Uses

func (t *ServiceMsgClientConn) Invoke(_ context.Context, method string, args, _ interface{}, _ ...grpc.CallOption) error

Invoke implements the grpc ClientConn.Invoke method

func (*ServiceMsgClientConn) NewStream Uses

func (t *ServiceMsgClientConn) NewStream(context.Context, *grpc.StreamDesc, string, ...grpc.CallOption) (grpc.ClientStream, error)

NewStream implements the grpc ClientConn.NewStream method

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