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package rest

import ""

Package rest provides HTTP types and primitives for REST requests validation and responses handling.


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const (
    DefaultPage    = 1
    DefaultLimit   = 30             // should be consistent with tendermint/tendermint/rpc/core/pipe.go:19
    TxMinHeightKey = "tx.minheight" // Inclusive minimum height filter
    TxMaxHeightKey = "tx.maxheight" // Inclusive maximum height filter

func CheckBadRequestError Uses

func CheckBadRequestError(w http.ResponseWriter, err error) bool

CheckBadRequestError attaches an error message to an HTTP 400 BAD REQUEST response. Returns false when err is nil; it returns true otherwise.

func CheckError Uses

func CheckError(w http.ResponseWriter, status int, err error) bool

CheckError takes care of writing an error response if err is not nil. Returns false when err is nil; it returns true otherwise.

func CheckInternalServerError Uses

func CheckInternalServerError(w http.ResponseWriter, err error) bool

CheckInternalServerError attaches an error message to an HTTP 500 INTERNAL SERVER ERROR response. Returns false when err is nil; it returns true otherwise.

func CheckNotFoundError Uses

func CheckNotFoundError(w http.ResponseWriter, err error) bool

CheckNotFoundError attaches an error message to an HTTP 404 NOT FOUND response. Returns false when err is nil; it returns true otherwise.

func GetRequest Uses

func GetRequest(url string) ([]byte, error)

GetRequest defines a wrapper around an HTTP GET request with a provided URL. An error is returned if the request or reading the body fails.

func ParseFloat64OrReturnBadRequest Uses

func ParseFloat64OrReturnBadRequest(w http.ResponseWriter, s string, defaultIfEmpty float64) (n float64, ok bool)

ParseFloat64OrReturnBadRequest converts s to a float64 value. It returns a default value, defaultIfEmpty, if the string is empty.

func ParseHTTPArgs Uses

func ParseHTTPArgs(r *http.Request) (tags []string, page, limit int, err error)

ParseHTTPArgs parses the request's URL and returns a slice containing all arguments pairs. It separates page and limit used for pagination.

func ParseHTTPArgsWithLimit Uses

func ParseHTTPArgsWithLimit(r *http.Request, defaultLimit int) (tags []string, page, limit int, err error)

ParseHTTPArgsWithLimit parses the request's URL and returns a slice containing all arguments pairs. It separates page and limit used for pagination where a default limit can be provided.

func ParseQueryHeightOrReturnBadRequest Uses

func ParseQueryHeightOrReturnBadRequest(w http.ResponseWriter, clientCtx client.Context, r *http.Request) (client.Context, bool)

ParseQueryHeightOrReturnBadRequest sets the height to execute a query if set by the http request. It returns false if there was an error parsing the height.

func ParseQueryParamBool Uses

func ParseQueryParamBool(r *http.Request, param string) bool

ParseQueryParamBool parses the given param to a boolean. It returns false by default if the string is not parseable to bool.

func ParseResponseWithHeight Uses

func ParseResponseWithHeight(cdc *codec.LegacyAmino, bz []byte) ([]byte, error)

ParseResponseWithHeight returns the raw result from a JSON-encoded ResponseWithHeight object.

func ParseUint64OrReturnBadRequest Uses

func ParseUint64OrReturnBadRequest(w http.ResponseWriter, s string) (n uint64, ok bool)

ParseUint64OrReturnBadRequest converts s to a uint64 value.

func PostProcessResponse Uses

func PostProcessResponse(w http.ResponseWriter, ctx client.Context, resp interface{})

PostProcessResponse performs post processing for a REST response. The result returned to clients will contain two fields, the height at which the resource was queried at and the original result.

func PostProcessResponseBare Uses

func PostProcessResponseBare(w http.ResponseWriter, ctx client.Context, body interface{})

PostProcessResponseBare post processes a body similar to PostProcessResponse except it does not wrap the body and inject the height.

func PostRequest Uses

func PostRequest(url string, contentType string, data []byte) ([]byte, error)

PostRequest defines a wrapper around an HTTP POST request with a provided URL and data. An error is returned if the request or reading the body fails.

func ReadRESTReq Uses

func ReadRESTReq(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request, cdc *codec.LegacyAmino, req interface{}) bool

ReadRESTReq reads and unmarshals a Request's body to the the BaseReq struct. Writes an error response to ResponseWriter and returns true if errors occurred.

func WriteErrorResponse Uses

func WriteErrorResponse(w http.ResponseWriter, status int, err string)

WriteErrorResponse prepares and writes a HTTP error given a status code and an error message.

func WriteSimulationResponse Uses

func WriteSimulationResponse(w http.ResponseWriter, cdc *codec.LegacyAmino, gas uint64)

WriteSimulationResponse prepares and writes an HTTP response for transactions simulations.

type BaseReq Uses

type BaseReq struct {
    From          string       `json:"from"`
    Memo          string       `json:"memo"`
    ChainID       string       `json:"chain_id"`
    AccountNumber uint64       `json:"account_number"`
    Sequence      uint64       `json:"sequence"`
    TimeoutHeight uint64       `json:"timeout_height"`
    Fees          sdk.Coins    `json:"fees"`
    GasPrices     sdk.DecCoins `json:"gas_prices"`
    Gas           string       `json:"gas"`
    GasAdjustment string       `json:"gas_adjustment"`
    Simulate      bool         `json:"simulate"`

BaseReq defines a structure that can be embedded in other request structures that all share common "base" fields.

func NewBaseReq Uses

func NewBaseReq(
    from, memo, chainID string, gas, gasAdjustment string, accNumber, seq uint64,
    fees sdk.Coins, gasPrices sdk.DecCoins, simulate bool,
) BaseReq

NewBaseReq creates a new basic request instance and sanitizes its values

func (BaseReq) Sanitize Uses

func (br BaseReq) Sanitize() BaseReq

Sanitize performs basic sanitization on a BaseReq object.

func (BaseReq) ValidateBasic Uses

func (br BaseReq) ValidateBasic(w http.ResponseWriter) bool

ValidateBasic performs basic validation of a BaseReq. If custom validation logic is needed, the implementing request handler should perform those checks manually.

type ErrorResponse Uses

type ErrorResponse struct {
    Code  int    `json:"code,omitempty"`
    Error string `json:"error"`

ErrorResponse defines the attributes of a JSON error response.

func NewErrorResponse Uses

func NewErrorResponse(code int, err string) ErrorResponse

NewErrorResponse creates a new ErrorResponse instance.

type GasEstimateResponse Uses

type GasEstimateResponse struct {
    GasEstimate uint64 `json:"gas_estimate"`

GasEstimateResponse defines a response definition for tx gas estimation.

type ResponseWithHeight Uses

type ResponseWithHeight struct {
    Height int64           `json:"height"`
    Result json.RawMessage `json:"result"`

ResponseWithHeight defines a response object type that wraps an original response with a height.

func NewResponseWithHeight Uses

func NewResponseWithHeight(height int64, result json.RawMessage) ResponseWithHeight

NewResponseWithHeight creates a new ResponseWithHeight instance

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