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package exported

import ""


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type Account Uses

type Account interface {
    GetAddress() sdk.AccAddress
    SetAddress(sdk.AccAddress) error // errors if already set.

    GetPubKey() crypto.PubKey // can return nil.
    SetPubKey(crypto.PubKey) error

    GetAccountNumber() uint64
    SetAccountNumber(uint64) error

    GetSequence() uint64
    SetSequence(uint64) error

    GetCoins() sdk.Coins
    SetCoins(sdk.Coins) error

    // Calculates the amount of coins that can be sent to other accounts given
    // the current time.
    SpendableCoins(blockTime time.Time) sdk.Coins

    // Ensure that account implements stringer
    String() string

Account is an interface used to store coins at a given address within state. It presumes a notion of sequence numbers for replay protection, a notion of account numbers for replay protection for previously pruned accounts, and a pubkey for authentication purposes.

Many complex conditions can be used in the concrete struct which implements Account.

type GenesisAccount Uses

type GenesisAccount interface {
    Validate() error

GenesisAccount defines a genesis account that embeds an Account with validation capabilities.

type GenesisAccounts Uses

type GenesisAccounts []GenesisAccount

GenesisAccounts defines a slice of GenesisAccount objects

func (GenesisAccounts) Contains Uses

func (ga GenesisAccounts) Contains(addr sdk.Address) bool

Contains returns true if the given address exists in a slice of GenesisAccount objects.

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