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package exported

import ""


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type Account Uses

type Account interface {
    GetAddress() sdk.AccAddress
    SetAddress(sdk.AccAddress) error // errors if already set.

    GetPubKey() crypto.PubKey // can return nil.
    SetPubKey(crypto.PubKey) error

    GetAccountNumber() uint64
    SetAccountNumber(uint64) error

    GetSequence() uint64
    SetSequence(uint64) error

    GetCoins() sdk.Coins
    SetCoins(sdk.Coins) error

    // Calculates the amount of coins that can be sent to other accounts given
    // the current time.
    SpendableCoins(blockTime time.Time) sdk.Coins

    // Ensure that account implements stringer
    String() string

Account is an interface used to store coins at a given address within state. It presumes a notion of sequence numbers for replay protection, a notion of account numbers for replay protection for previously pruned accounts, and a pubkey for authentication purposes.

Many complex conditions can be used in the concrete struct which implements Account.

type VestingAccount Uses

type VestingAccount interface {

    // Delegation and undelegation accounting that returns the resulting base
    // coins amount.
    TrackDelegation(blockTime time.Time, amount sdk.Coins)
    TrackUndelegation(amount sdk.Coins)

    GetVestedCoins(blockTime time.Time) sdk.Coins
    GetVestingCoins(blockTime time.Time) sdk.Coins

    GetStartTime() int64
    GetEndTime() int64

    GetOriginalVesting() sdk.Coins
    GetDelegatedFree() sdk.Coins
    GetDelegatedVesting() sdk.Coins

VestingAccount defines an account type that vests coins via a vesting schedule.

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