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package v038

import ""


Package Files

migrate.go types.go


const (
    ModuleName = "auth"

func NewModuleAddress Uses

func NewModuleAddress(name string) sdk.AccAddress

func RegisterCodec Uses

func RegisterCodec(cdc *codec.Codec)

type Account Uses

type Account interface {
    GetAddress() sdk.AccAddress
    GetAccountNumber() uint64
    GetCoins() sdk.Coins
    SetCoins(sdk.Coins) error

partial interface needed only for amino encoding and sanitization

type BaseAccount Uses

type BaseAccount struct {
    Address       sdk.AccAddress `json:"address" yaml:"address"`
    Coins         sdk.Coins      `json:"coins" yaml:"coins"`
    PubKey        crypto.PubKey  `json:"public_key" yaml:"public_key"`
    AccountNumber uint64         `json:"account_number" yaml:"account_number"`
    Sequence      uint64         `json:"sequence" yaml:"sequence"`

func NewBaseAccount Uses

func NewBaseAccount(
    address sdk.AccAddress, coins sdk.Coins, accountNumber, sequence uint64,
) *BaseAccount

func NewBaseAccountWithAddress Uses

func NewBaseAccountWithAddress(addr sdk.AccAddress) BaseAccount

func (*BaseAccount) GetAccountNumber Uses

func (acc *BaseAccount) GetAccountNumber() uint64

func (BaseAccount) GetAddress Uses

func (acc BaseAccount) GetAddress() sdk.AccAddress

func (*BaseAccount) GetCoins Uses

func (acc *BaseAccount) GetCoins() sdk.Coins

func (*BaseAccount) SetCoins Uses

func (acc *BaseAccount) SetCoins(coins sdk.Coins) error

func (BaseAccount) Validate Uses

func (acc BaseAccount) Validate() error

type BaseVestingAccount Uses

type BaseVestingAccount struct {

    OriginalVesting  sdk.Coins `json:"original_vesting"`
    DelegatedFree    sdk.Coins `json:"delegated_free"`
    DelegatedVesting sdk.Coins `json:"delegated_vesting"`

    EndTime int64 `json:"end_time"`

func NewBaseVestingAccount Uses

func NewBaseVestingAccount(
    baseAccount *BaseAccount, originalVesting, delegatedFree, delegatedVesting sdk.Coins, endTime int64,
) *BaseVestingAccount

func (BaseVestingAccount) Validate Uses

func (bva BaseVestingAccount) Validate() error

type ContinuousVestingAccount Uses

type ContinuousVestingAccount struct {

    StartTime int64 `json:"start_time"`

func NewContinuousVestingAccountRaw Uses

func NewContinuousVestingAccountRaw(bva *BaseVestingAccount, startTime int64) *ContinuousVestingAccount

func (ContinuousVestingAccount) Validate Uses

func (cva ContinuousVestingAccount) Validate() error

type DelayedVestingAccount Uses

type DelayedVestingAccount struct {

func NewDelayedVestingAccountRaw Uses

func NewDelayedVestingAccountRaw(bva *BaseVestingAccount) *DelayedVestingAccount

func (DelayedVestingAccount) Validate Uses

func (dva DelayedVestingAccount) Validate() error

type GenesisAccount Uses

type GenesisAccount interface {

    Validate() error

type GenesisAccounts Uses

type GenesisAccounts []GenesisAccount

type GenesisState Uses

type GenesisState struct {
    Params   v034auth.Params `json:"params" yaml:"params"`
    Accounts GenesisAccounts `json:"accounts" yaml:"accounts"`

func Migrate Uses

func Migrate(authGenState v036auth.GenesisState, genAccountsGenState v036genaccounts.GenesisState) GenesisState

Migrate accepts exported genesis state from v0.34 and migrates it to v0.38 genesis state.

func NewGenesisState Uses

func NewGenesisState(params v034auth.Params, accounts GenesisAccounts) GenesisState

type ModuleAccount Uses

type ModuleAccount struct {

    Name        string   `json:"name" yaml:"name"`
    Permissions []string `json:"permissions" yaml:"permissions"`

func NewModuleAccount Uses

func NewModuleAccount(baseAccount *BaseAccount, name string, permissions ...string) *ModuleAccount

func (ModuleAccount) Validate Uses

func (ma ModuleAccount) Validate() error

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