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import ""


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type VestingAccount Uses

type VestingAccount interface {

    // LockedCoins returns the set of coins that are not spendable (i.e. locked).
    // To get spendable coins of a vesting account, first the total balance must
    // be retrieved and the locked tokens can be subtracted from the total balance.
    // Note, the spendable balance can be negative.
    LockedCoins(blockTime time.Time) sdk.Coins

    // TrackDelegation performs internal vesting accounting necessary when
    // delegating from a vesting account. It accepts the current block time, the
    // delegation amount and balance of all coins whose denomination exists in
    // the account's original vesting balance.
    TrackDelegation(blockTime time.Time, balance, amount sdk.Coins)

    // TrackUndelegation performs internal vesting accounting necessary when a
    // vesting account performs an undelegation.
    TrackUndelegation(amount sdk.Coins)

    GetVestedCoins(blockTime time.Time) sdk.Coins
    GetVestingCoins(blockTime time.Time) sdk.Coins

    GetStartTime() int64
    GetEndTime() int64

    GetOriginalVesting() sdk.Coins
    GetDelegatedFree() sdk.Coins
    GetDelegatedVesting() sdk.Coins

VestingAccount defines an account type that vests coins via a vesting schedule.

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