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package rest

import ""


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query.go rest.go tx.go

func NewSendRequestHandlerFn Uses

func NewSendRequestHandlerFn(clientCtx client.Context) http.HandlerFunc

NewSendRequestHandlerFn returns an HTTP REST handler for creating a MsgSend transaction.

func QueryBalancesRequestHandlerFn Uses

func QueryBalancesRequestHandlerFn(clientCtx client.Context) http.HandlerFunc

QueryBalancesRequestHandlerFn returns a REST handler that queries for all account balances or a specific balance by denomination.

func RegisterHandlers Uses

func RegisterHandlers(clientCtx client.Context, r *mux.Router)

RegisterHandlers registers all x/bank transaction and query HTTP REST handlers on the provided mux router.

type SendReq Uses

type SendReq struct {
    BaseReq rest.BaseReq `json:"base_req" yaml:"base_req"`
    Amount  sdk.Coins    `json:"amount" yaml:"amount"`

SendReq defines the properties of a send request's body.

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