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package common

import ""


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func QueryDelegationRewards Uses

func QueryDelegationRewards(clientCtx client.Context, delAddr, valAddr string) ([]byte, int64, error)

QueryDelegationRewards queries a delegation rewards between a delegator and a validator.

func QueryDelegatorValidators Uses

func QueryDelegatorValidators(clientCtx client.Context, delegatorAddr sdk.AccAddress) ([]byte, error)

QueryDelegatorValidators returns delegator's list of validators it submitted delegations to.

func QueryValidatorCommission Uses

func QueryValidatorCommission(clientCtx client.Context, validatorAddr sdk.ValAddress) ([]byte, error)

QueryValidatorCommission returns a validator's commission.

func WithdrawAllDelegatorRewards Uses

func WithdrawAllDelegatorRewards(clientCtx client.Context, delegatorAddr sdk.AccAddress) ([]sdk.Msg, error)

WithdrawAllDelegatorRewards builds a multi-message slice to be used to withdraw all delegations rewards for the given delegator.

func WithdrawValidatorRewardsAndCommission Uses

func WithdrawValidatorRewardsAndCommission(validatorAddr sdk.ValAddress) ([]sdk.Msg, error)

WithdrawValidatorRewardsAndCommission builds a two-message message slice to be used to withdraw both validation's commission and self-delegation reward.

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