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package rest

import ""


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func ProposalRESTHandler Uses

func ProposalRESTHandler(clientCtx client.Context) govrest.ProposalRESTHandler

TODO add proto compatible Handler after x/gov migration ProposalRESTHandler returns a ProposalRESTHandler that exposes the community pool spend REST handler with a given sub-route.

func RegisterHandlers Uses

func RegisterHandlers(clientCtx client.Context, r *mux.Router)

type CommunityPoolSpendProposalReq Uses

type CommunityPoolSpendProposalReq struct {
    BaseReq rest.BaseReq `json:"base_req" yaml:"base_req"`

    Title       string         `json:"title" yaml:"title"`
    Description string         `json:"description" yaml:"description"`
    Recipient   sdk.AccAddress `json:"recipient" yaml:"recipient"`
    Amount      sdk.Coins      `json:"amount" yaml:"amount"`
    Proposer    sdk.AccAddress `json:"proposer" yaml:"proposer"`
    Deposit     sdk.Coins      `json:"deposit" yaml:"deposit"`

CommunityPoolSpendProposalReq defines a community pool spend proposal request body.

type ValidatorDistInfo Uses

type ValidatorDistInfo struct {
    OperatorAddress     sdk.AccAddress                       `json:"operator_address" yaml:"operator_address"`
    SelfBondRewards     sdk.DecCoins                         `json:"self_bond_rewards" yaml:"self_bond_rewards"`
    ValidatorCommission types.ValidatorAccumulatedCommission `json:"val_commission" yaml:"val_commission"`

ValidatorDistInfo defines the properties of validator distribution information response.

func NewValidatorDistInfo Uses

func NewValidatorDistInfo(operatorAddr sdk.AccAddress, rewards sdk.DecCoins,
    commission types.ValidatorAccumulatedCommission) ValidatorDistInfo

NewValidatorDistInfo creates a new instance of ValidatorDistInfo.

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