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package cli

import ""


Package Files

parse.go query.go tx.go


const (
    FlagTitle        = "title"
    FlagDescription  = "description"
    FlagProposalType = "type"
    FlagDeposit      = "deposit"

    FlagProposal = "proposal"

Proposal flags


var ProposalFlags = []string{

ProposalFlags defines the core required fields of a proposal. It is used to verify that these values are not provided in conjunction with a JSON proposal file.

func GetCmdQueryDeposit Uses

func GetCmdQueryDeposit() *cobra.Command

GetCmdQueryDeposit implements the query proposal deposit command. Command to get a specific Deposit Information

func GetCmdQueryDeposits Uses

func GetCmdQueryDeposits() *cobra.Command

GetCmdQueryDeposits implements the command to query for proposal deposits.

func GetCmdQueryParam Uses

func GetCmdQueryParam() *cobra.Command

GetCmdQueryParam implements the query param command.

func GetCmdQueryParams Uses

func GetCmdQueryParams() *cobra.Command

GetCmdQueryParams implements the query params command.

func GetCmdQueryProposal Uses

func GetCmdQueryProposal() *cobra.Command

GetCmdQueryProposal implements the query proposal command.

func GetCmdQueryProposals Uses

func GetCmdQueryProposals() *cobra.Command

GetCmdQueryProposals implements a query proposals command. Command to Get a Proposal Information.

func GetCmdQueryProposer Uses

func GetCmdQueryProposer() *cobra.Command

GetCmdQueryProposer implements the query proposer command.

func GetCmdQueryTally Uses

func GetCmdQueryTally() *cobra.Command

GetCmdQueryTally implements the command to query for proposal tally result.

func GetCmdQueryVote Uses

func GetCmdQueryVote() *cobra.Command

GetCmdQueryVote implements the query proposal vote command. Command to Get a Proposal Information.

func GetCmdQueryVotes Uses

func GetCmdQueryVotes() *cobra.Command

GetCmdQueryVotes implements the command to query for proposal votes.

func GetQueryCmd Uses

func GetQueryCmd() *cobra.Command

GetQueryCmd returns the cli query commands for this module

func NewCmdDeposit Uses

func NewCmdDeposit() *cobra.Command

NewCmdDeposit implements depositing tokens for an active proposal.

func NewCmdSubmitProposal Uses

func NewCmdSubmitProposal() *cobra.Command

NewCmdSubmitProposal implements submitting a proposal transaction command.

func NewCmdVote Uses

func NewCmdVote() *cobra.Command

NewCmdVote implements creating a new vote command.

func NewTxCmd Uses

func NewTxCmd(propCmds []*cobra.Command) *cobra.Command

NewTxCmd returns the transaction commands for this module governance ModuleClient is slightly different from other ModuleClients in that it contains a slice of "proposal" child commands. These commands are respective to proposal type handlers that are implemented in other modules but are mounted under the governance CLI (eg. parameter change proposals).

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