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package rest

import ""


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query.go rest.go tx.go


const (
    RestParamsType     = "type"
    RestProposalID     = "proposal-id"
    RestDepositor      = "depositor"
    RestVoter          = "voter"
    RestProposalStatus = "status"
    RestNumLimit       = "limit"

REST Variable names nolint

func RegisterHandlers Uses

func RegisterHandlers(clientCtx client.Context, r *mux.Router, phs []ProposalRESTHandler)

type DepositReq Uses

type DepositReq struct {
    BaseReq   rest.BaseReq   `json:"base_req" yaml:"base_req"`
    Depositor sdk.AccAddress `json:"depositor" yaml:"depositor"` // Address of the depositor
    Amount    sdk.Coins      `json:"amount" yaml:"amount"`       // Coins to add to the proposal's deposit

DepositReq defines the properties of a deposit request's body.

type PostProposalReq Uses

type PostProposalReq struct {
    BaseReq        rest.BaseReq   `json:"base_req" yaml:"base_req"`
    Title          string         `json:"title" yaml:"title"`                     // Title of the proposal
    Description    string         `json:"description" yaml:"description"`         // Description of the proposal
    ProposalType   string         `json:"proposal_type" yaml:"proposal_type"`     // Type of proposal. Initial set {PlainTextProposal }
    Proposer       sdk.AccAddress `json:"proposer" yaml:"proposer"`               // Address of the proposer
    InitialDeposit sdk.Coins      `json:"initial_deposit" yaml:"initial_deposit"` // Coins to add to the proposal's deposit

PostProposalReq defines the properties of a proposal request's body.

type ProposalRESTHandler Uses

type ProposalRESTHandler struct {
    SubRoute string
    Handler  func(http.ResponseWriter, *http.Request)

ProposalRESTHandler defines a REST handler implemented in another module. The sub-route is mounted on the governance REST handler.

type VoteReq Uses

type VoteReq struct {
    BaseReq rest.BaseReq   `json:"base_req" yaml:"base_req"`
    Voter   sdk.AccAddress `json:"voter" yaml:"voter"`   // address of the voter
    Option  string         `json:"option" yaml:"option"` // option from OptionSet chosen by the voter

VoteReq defines the properties of a vote request's body.

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