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package exported

import ""


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type ChannelI Uses

type ChannelI interface {
    GetState() int32
    GetOrdering() int32
    GetCounterparty() CounterpartyI
    GetConnectionHops() []string
    GetVersion() string
    ValidateBasic() error

ChannelI defines the standard interface for a channel end.

type CounterpartyI Uses

type CounterpartyI interface {
    GetPortID() string
    GetChannelID() string
    ValidateBasic() error

CounterpartyI defines the standard interface for a channel end's counterparty.

type PacketI Uses

type PacketI interface {
    GetSequence() uint64
    GetTimeoutHeight() uint64
    GetTimeoutTimestamp() uint64
    GetSourcePort() string
    GetSourceChannel() string
    GetDestPort() string
    GetDestChannel() string
    GetData() []byte
    ValidateBasic() error

PacketI defines the standard interface for IBC packets

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