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package rest

import ""


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rest.go tx.go


const (
    RestClientID   = "client-id"
    RestRootHeight = "height"

REST client flags

func RegisterRoutes Uses

func RegisterRoutes(clientCtx client.Context, r *mux.Router)

RegisterRoutes - Central function to define routes that get registered by the main application

type CreateClientReq Uses

type CreateClientReq struct {
    BaseReq         rest.BaseReq        `json:"base_req" yaml:"base_req"`
    ClientID        string              `json:"client_id" yaml:"client_id"`
    ChainID         string              `json:"chain_id" yaml:"chain_id"`
    Header          ibctmtypes.Header   `json:"header" yaml:"header"`
    TrustLevel      ibctmtypes.Fraction `json:"trust_level" yaml:"trust_level"`
    TrustingPeriod  time.Duration       `json:"trusting_period" yaml:"trusting_period"`
    UnbondingPeriod time.Duration       `json:"unbonding_period" yaml:"unbonding_period"`
    MaxClockDrift   time.Duration       `json:"max_clock_drift" yaml:"max_clock_drift"`
    ProofSpecs      []*ics23.ProofSpec  `json:"proof_specs" yaml:"proof_specs"`

CreateClientReq defines the properties of a create client request's body.

type SubmitMisbehaviourReq Uses

type SubmitMisbehaviourReq struct {
    BaseReq  rest.BaseReq              `json:"base_req" yaml:"base_req"`
    Evidence evidenceexported.Evidence `json:"evidence" yaml:"evidence"`

SubmitMisbehaviourReq defines the properties of a submit misbehaviour request's body.

type UpdateClientReq Uses

type UpdateClientReq struct {
    BaseReq rest.BaseReq      `json:"base_req" yaml:"base_req"`
    Header  ibctmtypes.Header `json:"header" yaml:"header"`

UpdateClientReq defines the properties of a update client request's body.

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