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package simulation

import ""


Package Files

decoder.go genesis.go params.go


const (
    Inflation           = "inflation"
    InflationRateChange = "inflation_rate_change"
    InflationMax        = "inflation_max"
    InflationMin        = "inflation_min"
    GoalBonded          = "goal_bonded"

Simulation parameter constants

func GenGoalBonded Uses

func GenGoalBonded(r *rand.Rand) sdk.Dec

GenGoalBonded randomized GoalBonded

func GenInflation Uses

func GenInflation(r *rand.Rand) sdk.Dec

GenInflation randomized Inflation

func GenInflationMax Uses

func GenInflationMax(r *rand.Rand) sdk.Dec

GenInflationMax randomized InflationMax

func GenInflationMin Uses

func GenInflationMin(r *rand.Rand) sdk.Dec

GenInflationMin randomized InflationMin

func GenInflationRateChange Uses

func GenInflationRateChange(r *rand.Rand) sdk.Dec

GenInflationRateChange randomized InflationRateChange

func NewDecodeStore Uses

func NewDecodeStore(cdc codec.Marshaler) func(kvA, kvB kv.Pair) string

NewDecodeStore returns a decoder function closure that umarshals the KVPair's Value to the corresponding mint type.

func ParamChanges Uses

func ParamChanges(r *rand.Rand) []simtypes.ParamChange

ParamChanges defines the parameters that can be modified by param change proposals on the simulation

func RandomizedGenState Uses

func RandomizedGenState(simState *module.SimulationState)

RandomizedGenState generates a random GenesisState for mint

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