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package simulation

import ""


Package Files

operations.go proposals.go


const OpWeightSubmitParamChangeProposal = "op_weight_submit_param_change_proposal"

OpWeightSubmitParamChangeProposal app params key for param change proposal

func ProposalContents Uses

func ProposalContents(paramChanges []simtypes.ParamChange) []simtypes.WeightedProposalContent

ProposalContents defines the module weighted proposals' contents

func SimulateParamChangeProposalContent Uses

func SimulateParamChangeProposalContent(paramChangePool []simulation.ParamChange) simulation.ContentSimulatorFn

SimulateParamChangeProposalContent returns random parameter change content. It will generate a ParameterChangeProposal object with anywhere between 1 and the total amount of defined parameters changes, all of which have random valid values.

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