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package staking

import ""


Package Files

abci.go genesis.go handler.go module.go

func BeginBlocker Uses

func BeginBlocker(ctx sdk.Context, k keeper.Keeper)

BeginBlocker will persist the current header and validator set as a historical entry and prune the oldest entry based on the HistoricalEntries parameter

func EndBlocker Uses

func EndBlocker(ctx sdk.Context, k keeper.Keeper) []abci.ValidatorUpdate

Called every block, update validator set

func ExportGenesis Uses

func ExportGenesis(ctx sdk.Context, keeper keeper.Keeper) types.GenesisState

ExportGenesis returns a GenesisState for a given context and keeper. The GenesisState will contain the pool, params, validators, and bonds found in the keeper.

func InitGenesis Uses

func InitGenesis(
    ctx sdk.Context, keeper keeper.Keeper, accountKeeper types.AccountKeeper,
    bankKeeper types.BankKeeper, data types.GenesisState,
) (res []abci.ValidatorUpdate)

InitGenesis sets the pool and parameters for the provided keeper. For each validator in data, it sets that validator in the keeper along with manually setting the indexes. In addition, it also sets any delegations found in data. Finally, it updates the bonded validators. Returns final validator set after applying all declaration and delegations

func NewHandler Uses

func NewHandler(k keeper.Keeper) sdk.Handler

func ValidateGenesis Uses

func ValidateGenesis(data types.GenesisState) error

ValidateGenesis validates the provided staking genesis state to ensure the expected invariants holds. (i.e. params in correct bounds, no duplicate validators)

func WriteValidators Uses

func WriteValidators(ctx sdk.Context, keeper keeper.Keeper) (vals []tmtypes.GenesisValidator)

WriteValidators returns a slice of bonded genesis validators.

type AppModule Uses

type AppModule struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

AppModule implements an application module for the staking module.

func NewAppModule Uses

func NewAppModule(cdc codec.Marshaler, keeper keeper.Keeper, ak types.AccountKeeper, bk types.BankKeeper) AppModule

NewAppModule creates a new AppModule object

func (AppModule) BeginBlock Uses

func (am AppModule) BeginBlock(ctx sdk.Context, _ abci.RequestBeginBlock)

BeginBlock returns the begin blocker for the staking module.

func (AppModule) EndBlock Uses

func (am AppModule) EndBlock(ctx sdk.Context, _ abci.RequestEndBlock) []abci.ValidatorUpdate

EndBlock returns the end blocker for the staking module. It returns no validator updates.

func (AppModule) ExportGenesis Uses

func (am AppModule) ExportGenesis(ctx sdk.Context, cdc codec.JSONMarshaler) json.RawMessage

ExportGenesis returns the exported genesis state as raw bytes for the staking module.

func (AppModule) GenerateGenesisState Uses

func (AppModule) GenerateGenesisState(simState *module.SimulationState)

GenerateGenesisState creates a randomized GenState of the staking module.

func (AppModule) InitGenesis Uses

func (am AppModule) InitGenesis(ctx sdk.Context, cdc codec.JSONMarshaler, data json.RawMessage) []abci.ValidatorUpdate

InitGenesis performs genesis initialization for the staking module. It returns no validator updates.

func (AppModule) LegacyQuerierHandler Uses

func (am AppModule) LegacyQuerierHandler(legacyQuerierCdc codec.JSONMarshaler) sdk.Querier

LegacyQuerierHandler returns the staking module sdk.Querier.

func (AppModule) Name Uses

func (AppModule) Name() string

Name returns the staking module's name.

func (AppModule) ProposalContents Uses

func (AppModule) ProposalContents(simState module.SimulationState) []simtypes.WeightedProposalContent

ProposalContents doesn't return any content functions for governance proposals.

func (AppModule) QuerierRoute Uses

func (AppModule) QuerierRoute() string

QuerierRoute returns the staking module's querier route name.

func (AppModule) RandomizedParams Uses

func (AppModule) RandomizedParams(r *rand.Rand) []simtypes.ParamChange

RandomizedParams creates randomized staking param changes for the simulator.

func (AppModule) RegisterInvariants Uses

func (am AppModule) RegisterInvariants(ir sdk.InvariantRegistry)

RegisterInvariants registers the staking module invariants.

func (AppModule) RegisterQueryService Uses

func (am AppModule) RegisterQueryService(server grpc.Server)

RegisterQueryService registers a GRPC query service to respond to the module-specific GRPC queries.

func (AppModule) RegisterStoreDecoder Uses

func (am AppModule) RegisterStoreDecoder(sdr sdk.StoreDecoderRegistry)

RegisterStoreDecoder registers a decoder for staking module's types

func (AppModule) Route Uses

func (am AppModule) Route() sdk.Route

Route returns the message routing key for the staking module.

func (AppModule) WeightedOperations Uses

func (am AppModule) WeightedOperations(simState module.SimulationState) []simtypes.WeightedOperation

WeightedOperations returns the all the staking module operations with their respective weights.

type AppModuleBasic Uses

type AppModuleBasic struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

AppModuleBasic defines the basic application module used by the staking module.

func (AppModuleBasic) DefaultGenesis Uses

func (AppModuleBasic) DefaultGenesis(cdc codec.JSONMarshaler) json.RawMessage

DefaultGenesis returns default genesis state as raw bytes for the staking module.

func (AppModuleBasic) GetQueryCmd Uses

func (AppModuleBasic) GetQueryCmd() *cobra.Command

GetQueryCmd returns no root query command for the staking module.

func (AppModuleBasic) GetTxCmd Uses

func (AppModuleBasic) GetTxCmd() *cobra.Command

GetTxCmd returns the root tx command for the staking module.

func (AppModuleBasic) Name Uses

func (AppModuleBasic) Name() string

Name returns the staking module's name.

func (AppModuleBasic) RegisterCodec Uses

func (AppModuleBasic) RegisterCodec(cdc *codec.Codec)

RegisterCodec registers the staking module's types for the given codec.

func (AppModuleBasic) RegisterInterfaces Uses

func (b AppModuleBasic) RegisterInterfaces(registry cdctypes.InterfaceRegistry)

RegisterInterfaces registers the module's interface types

func (AppModuleBasic) RegisterRESTRoutes Uses

func (AppModuleBasic) RegisterRESTRoutes(clientCtx client.Context, rtr *mux.Router)

RegisterRESTRoutes registers the REST routes for the staking module.

func (AppModuleBasic) ValidateGenesis Uses

func (AppModuleBasic) ValidateGenesis(cdc codec.JSONMarshaler, config client.TxEncodingConfig, bz json.RawMessage) error

ValidateGenesis performs genesis state validation for the staking module.


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