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package v0_34

import ""



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const (
    ModuleName = "staking"

type Commission Uses

type Commission struct {
    Rate          sdk.Dec   `json:"rate"`
    MaxRate       sdk.Dec   `json:"max_rate"`
    MaxChangeRate sdk.Dec   `json:"max_change_rate"`
    UpdateTime    time.Time `json:"update_time"`

type Delegation Uses

type Delegation struct {
    DelegatorAddress sdk.AccAddress `json:"delegator_address"`
    ValidatorAddress sdk.ValAddress `json:"validator_address"`
    Shares           sdk.Dec        `json:"shares"`

type Delegations Uses

type Delegations []Delegation

type Description Uses

type Description struct {
    Moniker  string `json:"moniker"`
    Identity string `json:"identity"`
    Website  string `json:"website"`
    Details  string `json:"details"`

type GenesisState Uses

type GenesisState struct {
    Pool                 Pool                  `json:"pool"`
    Params               Params                `json:"params"`
    LastTotalPower       sdk.Int               `json:"last_total_power"`
    LastValidatorPowers  []LastValidatorPower  `json:"last_validator_powers"`
    Validators           Validators            `json:"validators"`
    Delegations          Delegations           `json:"delegations"`
    UnbondingDelegations []UnbondingDelegation `json:"unbonding_delegations"`
    Redelegations        []Redelegation        `json:"redelegations"`
    Exported             bool                  `json:"exported"`

type LastValidatorPower Uses

type LastValidatorPower struct {
    Address sdk.ValAddress
    Power   int64

type Params Uses

type Params struct {
    UnbondingTime time.Duration `json:"unbonding_time"`
    MaxValidators uint16        `json:"max_validators"`
    MaxEntries    uint16        `json:"max_entries"`
    BondDenom     string        `json:"bond_denom"`

type Pool Uses

type Pool struct {
    NotBondedTokens sdk.Int `json:"not_bonded_tokens"`
    BondedTokens    sdk.Int `json:"bonded_tokens"`

type Redelegation Uses

type Redelegation struct {
    DelegatorAddress    sdk.AccAddress      `json:"delegator_address"`
    ValidatorSrcAddress sdk.ValAddress      `json:"validator_src_address"`
    ValidatorDstAddress sdk.ValAddress      `json:"validator_dst_address"`
    Entries             []RedelegationEntry `json:"entries"`

type RedelegationEntry Uses

type RedelegationEntry struct {
    CreationHeight int64     `json:"creation_height"`
    CompletionTime time.Time `json:"completion_time"`
    InitialBalance sdk.Int   `json:"initial_balance"`
    SharesDst      sdk.Dec   `json:"shares_dst"`

type UnbondingDelegation Uses

type UnbondingDelegation struct {
    DelegatorAddress sdk.AccAddress             `json:"delegator_address"`
    ValidatorAddress sdk.ValAddress             `json:"validator_address"`
    Entries          []UnbondingDelegationEntry `json:"entries"`

type UnbondingDelegationEntry Uses

type UnbondingDelegationEntry struct {
    CreationHeight int64     `json:"creation_height"`
    CompletionTime time.Time `json:"completion_time"`
    InitialBalance sdk.Int   `json:"initial_balance"`
    Balance        sdk.Int   `json:"balance"`

type Validator Uses

type Validator struct {
    OperatorAddress         sdk.ValAddress `json:"operator_address"`
    ConsPubKey              crypto.PubKey  `json:"consensus_pubkey"`
    Jailed                  bool           `json:"jailed"`
    Status                  sdk.BondStatus `json:"status"`
    Tokens                  sdk.Int        `json:"tokens"`
    DelegatorShares         sdk.Dec        `json:"delegator_shares"`
    Description             Description    `json:"description"`
    UnbondingHeight         int64          `json:"unbonding_height"`
    UnbondingCompletionTime time.Time      `json:"unbonding_time"`
    Commission              Commission     `json:"commission"`
    MinSelfDelegation       sdk.Int        `json:"min_self_delegation"`

func (Validator) MarshalJSON Uses

func (v Validator) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

func (*Validator) UnmarshalJSON Uses

func (v *Validator) UnmarshalJSON(data []byte) error

UnmarshalJSON unmarshals the validator from JSON using Bech32

type Validators Uses

type Validators []Validator

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