acra-censorPackage acracensor represents separate firewall module for Acra.
acra-censor/commonPackage common contains all query handlers for AcraCensor: blacklist handler, which allows everything and forbids specific query/pattern/table; whitelist handler, which allows query/pattern/table and restricts/forbids everything else; ignore handler, which allows to ignore any query; and querycapture module that logs every unique query to the QueryCapture log.
acra-writerPackage acrawriter provides public function CreateAcrastruct for generating acrastruct in your applications for encrypting on client-side and inserting to database.
cmdPackage cmd contains shared settings/constants among most of Acra component utilities.
cmd/acra-addzonePackage main is entry point for AcraAddZone utility.
cmd/acra-authmanagerPackage main is entry point for AcraAuthManager.
cmd/acra-connectorPackage main is entry point for AcraConnector.
cmd/acra-connector/connector-modePackage connector_mode stores different ways of AcraConnector modes: AcraConnector <-> AcraServer or AcraConnector <-> AcraTranslator
cmd/acra-keymakerPackage main is entry point for AcraKeymaker utility.
cmd/acra-poisonrecordmakerPackage main is entry point for AcraPoisonRecordsMaker utility.
cmd/acra-rollbackPackage main is entry point for AcraRollback utility.
cmd/acra-rotatePackage main is entry point for acra-rotate.
cmd/acra-serverPackage main is entry point for AcraServer utility.
cmd/acra-translatorPackage main is entry point for AcraTranslator service.
cmd/acra-translator/commonPackage common has shared data betwee gRPC API handler and HTTP API handler.
cmd/acra-translator/grpc_apiPackage grpc_api is a generated protocol buffer package.
cmd/acra-translator/http_apiPackage http_api implements HTTP API handler: users can send AcraStructs via HTTP to AcraConnector, AcraConnector wraps connection via Themis SecureSession.
cmd/acra-webconfigPackage main is entry point for AcraWebConfig service.AcraWebConfig is a lightweight HTTP web server for managing AcraServer's certain configuration options.
decryptor/basePackage base contains AcraStruct decryptor interface and callbacks.
decryptor/binaryPackage binary contains Decryptor, that finds and decrypts AcraStruct from any binary blobs.
decryptor/mysqlPackage mysql contains Decryptor that reads data from MySQL database, finds AcraStructs and decrypt them.
decryptor/postgresqlPackage postgresql contains PgDecryptor reads data from PostgreSQL databases, finds AcraStructs and decrypt them.
encryptorPackage encryptor contains code related with parsing DBMS specific queries with raw data that should be encrypted, with encryption logic and loading schema description and encryption settings
fuzzPackage fuzz contains simple example that illustrates using Acra with PostgreSQL database: 1.
keystorePackage keystore describes various KeyStore interfaces.
keystore/filesystemPackage filesystem implements keystores that write and reads keys from file system.
keystore/lruPackage lru implements simple LRU cache used by Keystore.
keystore/v2/keystorePackage keystore implements Acra Keystore version 2.
keystore/v2/keystore/apiPackage api describes API of Acra Keystore version 2.
keystore/v2/keystore/api/testsPackage tests provides conformity test suite for KeyStore API.
keystore/v2/keystore/asn1Package asn1 contains descriptions of ASN.1 data structures used by Keystore.
keystore/v2/keystore/cryptoPackage crypto provides implementations of cryptographic algorithms used by KeyStore.
keystore/v2/keystore/filesystemPackage filesystem provides a common filesystem-based implementation of KeyStore.
keystore/v2/keystore/filesystem/backendPackage backend provides a common filesystem Backend interface for filesystem.KeyStore as well as some basic implementations of it.
keystore/v2/keystore/filesystem/backend/apiPackage api defines abstract backend interface.
keystore/v2/keystore/filesystem/backend/api/testsPackage tests provides conformity test suite for KeyStore Backend API.
keystore/v2/keystore/signaturePackage signature implements generation and verification of signatures used by KeyStore to authenticate stored key data.
loggingPackage logging contains custom log formatters (plaintext, JSON and CEF) to use through Acra components.
networkPackage network contains network utilities for wrapping net.Conn into Themis SecureSession, or TLS wrapper, or provide unified interface for raw connection.
poisonPackage poison generates poison record with desired length using provided key.
sqlparser/dependency/hackPackage hack gives you some efficient functionality at the cost of breaking some Go rules.
sqlparser/dependency/querypbPackage query is a generated protocol buffer package.
sqlparser/dependency/sqltypesPackage sqltypes implements interfaces and types that represent SQL values.
utilsPackage utils contains various bits and pieces useful as helping functions all over the code.
zonePackage zone contains AcraStruct's zone matchers and readers.

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