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package trayhost

import ""

Package trayhost is a library for placing a Go application in the task bar (system tray, notification area, or dock) in a consistent manner across multiple platforms. Currently, there is built-in support for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux systems that support GTK+ 3 status icons (including Gnome 2, KDE 4, Cinnamon, MATE and other desktop environments).

The indended usage is for applications that utilize web technology for the user interface, but require access to the client system beyond what is offered in a browser sandbox (for instance, an application that requires access to the user's file system).

The library places a tray icon on the host system's task bar that can be used to open a URL, giving users easy access to the web-based user interface.

Further information can be found at the project's home at

Clint Caywood


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func EnterLoop Uses

func EnterLoop(title string, imageData []byte)

Run the host system's event loop

func SetUrl Uses

func SetUrl(url string)

Set the URL that the tray icon will open in a browser

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