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package embedded

import ""

Package embedded implements process interfaces for statically linked, embedded Tor. Note, processes created here are not killed when a context is done like w/ os.Exec.


This package can be used with CGO to statically compile Tor. This package expects to be cloned at $GOPATH/src/ as if it was fetched with go get. To build the needed static libs, follow the README in that project. Once the static libs are built, this uses CGO to statically link them here. For Windows this means something like needs to be installed with gcc.exe on the PATH (i.e. the same gcc that was used to build the static Tor lib).

The default in here is currently for Tor 0.3.5.x which uses the tor-0.3.5 subdirectory. A different subdirectory can be used for a different version. Note that the current version does support process.Process.EmbeddedControlConn() on non-Windows.


Package Files


func NewCreator Uses

func NewCreator() process.Creator

NewCreator creates a process.Creator for statically-linked Tor embedded in the binary.


tor-0.3.3Package tor033 implements process interfaces for statically linked Tor 0.3.3.x versions.
tor-0.3.5Package tor035 implements process interfaces for statically linked Tor 0.3.5.x versions.

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