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package bytes2

import "github.com/cube2222/octosql/parser/sqlparser/dependency/bytes2"


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type Buffer Uses

type Buffer struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Buffer implements a subset of the write portion of bytes.Buffer, but more efficiently. This is meant to be used in very high QPS operations, especially for WriteByte, and without abstracting it as a Writer. Function signatures contain errors for compatibility, but they do not return errors.

func NewBuffer Uses

func NewBuffer(b []byte) *Buffer

NewBuffer is equivalent to bytes.NewBuffer.

func (*Buffer) Bytes Uses

func (buf *Buffer) Bytes() []byte

Bytes is equivalent to bytes.Buffer.Bytes.

func (*Buffer) Len Uses

func (buf *Buffer) Len() int

Len is equivalent to bytes.Buffer.Len.

func (*Buffer) String Uses

func (buf *Buffer) String() string

Strings is equivalent to bytes.Buffer.Strings.

func (*Buffer) Write Uses

func (buf *Buffer) Write(b []byte) (int, error)

Write is equivalent to bytes.Buffer.Write.

func (*Buffer) WriteByte Uses

func (buf *Buffer) WriteByte(b byte) error

WriteByte is equivalent to bytes.Buffer.WriteByte.

func (*Buffer) WriteString Uses

func (buf *Buffer) WriteString(s string) (int, error)

WriteString is equivalent to bytes.Buffer.WriteString.

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