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package logger

import ""


Package Files

init.go logger.go

func Debug Uses

func Debug(msg string)

Debug level message.

func Debugf Uses

func Debugf(msg string, v ...interface{})

Debugf level formatted message.

func Discard Uses

func Discard()

Discard all log entries, for benchmarking purposes

func Error Uses

func Error(msg string)

Error level message.

func Errorf Uses

func Errorf(msg string, v ...interface{})

Errorf level formatted message.

func Fatal Uses

func Fatal(msg string)

Fatal level message, followed by an exit.

func Fatalf Uses

func Fatalf(msg string, v ...interface{})

Fatalf level formatted message, followed by an exit.

func Info Uses

func Info(msg string)

Info level message.

func Infof Uses

func Infof(msg string, v ...interface{})

Infof level formatted message.

func Trace Uses

func Trace(msg string) *apexlog.Entry

Trace returns a new entry with a Stop method to fire off a corresponding completion log, useful with defer.

func Warn Uses

func Warn(msg string)

Warn level message.

func Warnf Uses

func Warnf(msg string, v ...interface{})

Warnf level formatted message.

func WithError Uses

func WithError(err error) *apexlog.Entry

WithError returns a new entry with the "error" set to `err`.

func WithField Uses

func WithField(key string, value interface{}) *apexlog.Entry

WithField returns a new entry with the `key` and `value` set.

type Fields Uses

type Fields map[string]interface{}

Fields represents a map of entry level data used for structured logging.


handlersPackage es implements an Elasticsearch batch handler.

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